Wednesday, August 13, 2008

bless me readers, for i have sinned



i admit it. this summer i've avoided this blog like the plague. i've been busy - there have been an awful lot of weddings. and shenanigans here at bex hq [thank you kim for getting me into so much trouble. no, really. thank you. and yes, it's your turn to take out the recycling.]. and work. and for awhile there i was dating this boy. we're not going to talk about that. but it was fun.

but now here's where the confession hurts: i'm cheating on heidi klum.

heidi, let me just start by saying that i love you. i think you are the most beautiful, well-spoken, calming angel to ever grace the air waves. and that's counting my girl marilu henner in taxi, any of charlie's angels, any of the designing women, and portia from arrested development. that's right. i said it.

but this season of project runway is leaving me a little...cold. i don't know if this happened to me every previous season - needing some more time to really bond with the designers - or if this is a new thing particular to this season's group of "up-and-comers". i put that in quotes because i sort of feel as though they're playing at being designers.

now before someone comes and beats me with some pinking shears, i'd like to say that obviously i can't do anything close to what these folks do. i can't hem pants. i can barely sew a button onto a shirt. but these folks seem more interested in the drama and their own outfits and...rhetoric...than the challenges heidi presents to them.

now, maybe it's because i know this is the last season on bravo and i'm going to have to truck over to lifetime to get my tim gunn fix. and maybe it's the new time. [though 9 pm on a wednesday is thoroughly respectable.] but everyone - and i mean from tim on down the line to michael kors - seems a little...drab. the energy's flagged. it feels phoned in.

and i know phoned in. i do it 87% of the week at work. it's not pretty. but the difference is that i'm not on tv with my own realty show [oh wouldn't that be grand].

i'd like someone to just sort of pop off the screen this season of project runway, but nobody's doing it. i think blaine's supposed to be this season's wacky eccentric, but he's not effervescent enough. he seems...typical. is it because i'm from a beach town in florida? because i'm a surfer girl who's got friends with better tans and blonder hair who hungover have more positive and alluring energy than these cats do?

so i'm cheating on heidi. i watch her, faithfully, like a good viewer/fan does, but i'm not invested like i used to be. and to be honest, my attention has shifted a another angel. and these people deliver. i've got too many favorites - how do i vote for just one?

and as [i'll repeat myself] a surfer girl turned office brat, i'm always wondering what to do with my hair...