Sunday, February 24, 2008

well i partied like a fat baby

it's a beautiful day in new york today!

i got back from a quick trip down home and worried as the plane started it's landing turn that i'd sink into some pretty massive Seasonal Affected Disorder [my favorite disorder to suffer from because it's a fairly self-explanatory affliction. namely "this gloomy weather makes me feel sad. because i have SAD."] but today's super sunny clear skies and crisp weather makes me happy i moved above the mason dixon line.

ok granted the entire time i was home and on the beach [and i did some surfing even though the water was pretty chilly] i kept saying to my friends who were smart enough to settle for life in small town florida in order to keep surfing, "man, you guys did it right!" and i meant it. for those of us who aren't necessarily big city kids, it's a tough fence to straddle; do i want to stay here for this goal i'm not sure i want? will moving back to small beach town florida [aka giving up] make me happier or is it just different yet comforting?

ech. enough esoteric self-indulgent babbling on only one coffee!

last night we saw a fabulous band play and you should check them out. folks receiving these postcards, i'd like to introduce you to lt marscapone

they're fun, they're rockin' and they're all cute, which is, we all know, very important. as my mother kindly pointed out at one point "we all thought mick jagger was hot, you know. i mean super hot. i didn't care that he made out with david bowie. david bowie's hot, too. who wants to watch ugly people?"

thank you, mom. words of wisdom, right there.

so yeah, in the bottom floor of fat baby, we rocked out while these guys sang their hearts out [and, um, good use of tambourine and pianica, there!] check them out at their next show. we got pins! we signed up for the mailing list! we screamed like teenagers at a matchbox 20 show.

i promise you won't be disappointed.

and lest you think i've forgotten your forbidden love for bret michaels: Blog

you're welcome.