Thursday, January 17, 2008

all the news that's fit to?

answer me THIS, jacksonville:

do YOUR news anchors dance for you on fridays?

i thought not.

damn but i love this city.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

could you describe the ruckus, sir?

so we did get into some trouble, we three kids growing up in new smyrna beach. we threw a few parties that we shouldn't have, went to a few parties we shouldn't have, ran from the cops when we shouldn't have, but we NEVER got interviewed for it!

oh, those aussies. they're so good at...stuff.

Funny Kid Isnt Sorry About Huge Party - Watch more free videos

Monday, January 14, 2008

why i love new york

let me rock your world

it's that time again. time again for Rock of Love with Bret Michaels TWO! another chance to irrationally believe that he's a normal person just looking for love like the rest of us. another chance to marvel at the caliber of "rocker" chicks. another chance to turn my brain off and continue my apparent unending well of hatred for the song every rose has its thorn.

oh, bret michaels. oh how you slay me.

ok, admittedly i can sing all the words to unskinny bop. admittedly this is not something to brag about. but you know what? i kinda of like him. i mean, as a trashy reality show helmsman, he's kinda sympathetic. do i want to date him - sorry! hang out in the house and continue to rock his world? - um, thank you, no. no, no and no. but would i be opposed to hanging out with him? not really. i'll drive crazy dune buggies around with the dude. he seems kinda down-to-earth. he has pretty pretty hair. he could teach me how to tie a bandana so that i no longer look like i just left the shtetl.

and, please, how can you not love these women?

my co-worker and i had a ten minute discussion on who is scarier: skanky white faux rocker hos or skanky black faux hip-hop hos from flavor of love? there's no litmus test. just not one. i'm sure that scientifically, we can figure out which group is scarier, or sadder, or more in need of morale-boosting that doesn't involve compliments about their enhanced-boobs, but i don't know what that scientific equation would entail.

you know you watched. you know you did. and you loved it. admit it!